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WCiB Campaign to Crowdfund UK 'Science is Everywhere' i-Zine.

We have three objectives:

1. Bring together 100 businesses and individuals to jointly crowdfund the delivery of a national 24 page, printed science sector i-Zine edition. 

2. Amplify the voices of small, medium and large employers to show young people that employers care about their futures. 

3. Create some noise about the value of early interventions in order to build a strong pipeline of delivering careers education to young people and their parents.

We are asking businesses to invest £1000 to deliver a Science i-Zine in March 2018 to 600,000 young people, their parent and teachers.

To get involved or learn more get in touch with us - Jane , Tim  or Gemma . 

We produce age specific publications for young people in secondary schools.

We want to encourage young people to begin their own stories while they still believe they can do, and be, anything.  

We also want to support parents and carers with information about careers and training so they are up-to-date with the world of work outside their own careers and experiences.

Research shows the transition years in high school (Years 7 and 8) are an ideal time to encourage children and their parents to think about the workplace as a giant opportunity for social mobility, the removal of gendered stereotypes, economic development and innovation. 

To create our content we draw on academic research, government reports, trade unions, sector experts, educators, employers, designers, writers and illustrators. 

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