Parents, You Need to Know What's Happening in the World of Tech
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5th Dec 2017

Do you feel overwhelmed with how fast technology trends come and go? Every week, tech giants announce the next big gadget that promises to revolutionize how we go about our daily lives.


Here’s the truth: tech is changing everything, from office procedures to classroom teaching methods. As a parent, you want to understand the systems involved in your children’s education. Kids also look to you for guidance on the direction of their studies and career choices. When it comes to careers, you can be guaranteed that your children need to have some form of tech skills for any job nowadays. Here’s how being in the loop with the tech revolution can help you help your kids.


The concept of “a career” is changing

Not too long ago, the traditional notion of “a career” still rang true. People joined a company after completing their studies and stayed with the company for years. But then tech came along and turned all of that on its head. Now you can run a company from the comfort of your home from a 10-inch tablet. You can even hold down multiple jobs in different fields, made possible by knowledge and application of a handful of tech skills. When parents understand the demands of modern careers, they can help their children choose the best skills and qualifications.


Technology is the cornerstone of most industries

Technology drives industries, and it drives businesses big and small. Competition is intense, so companies invest heavily in tech for growth and longevity. If you’re searching for any job today, you need to show you have a working knowledge of modern business systems. This applies across the board. Technological skills aren’t only for the bespectacled male in front of a computer without a social life. A female arts grad can just as easily build an HTML5 website and make it look great with CSS!


A whole new world of career options has developed

Traditional jobs play a pivotal role in successful businesses. But even those jobs have evolved as they embraced tech. Skills required today are very different to those needed just a decade ago. Moreover, most industries depend on professionals from the tech sector to perform duties unheard of in the past. User data is the new big commodity, and a new range of skills are needed to work with it. As cloud computing, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are on the verge of going mainstream, jobs in these areas are the hottest ticket to a prosperous career. If your child talks about wanting to build robots as an occupation, you can’t shrug it off with a chuckle anymore. It is a viable career option.


Do parents need to understand the intricacies of the latest technology? No. But knowing what's out there helps you to understand you children’s ambitions and give them the right advice. To keep on top of developments, why not bookmark a couple of tech blogs? You can also follow trends on your social media accounts, like Facebook, for the latest updates. If you’re up for the challenge, jump right in and pick up a few new tech skills yourself!