Ideas are built from sharing and discussing information.

Our blogs aim to help parents and carers explore the world of work beyond their own career experiences. Getting up-to-date information enables us all to better support and guide young people on their training and career opportunities. 


WCIB - 5th Dec 2017

Providing parents with ideas and information about technology can help encourage and support them to support their children with careers advice.

WCIB - 4th Dec 2017

Science, like technology, is no longer gender-specific or even age-specific. Instead, educators, carers, and role-models must spot potential and feed the flames of curiosity.

Sarah Shaw - 17th Jun 2016

Discover how an English degree has led to lots of great jobs and counting.

WCIB - 17th Jun 2016

For many young people, parents are career adviser and chief cheerleader as they explore their options.

WCIB - 3rd May 2016

Parents are taking action on education. But action needs to extend beyond tests for six year olds. We need to talk about career education for our 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 year olds.

WCIB - 15th Mar 2016

The construction sector has diverse and exciting career ideas for young people.

WCIB - 20th Jan 2016

Choosing a career path in the charity sector can be rewarding but the pay can be a barrier to saving for the future. Maria shares her reality of why it is important to consider financial security.

WCIB - 16th Dec 2015

Even when you really, really want a job it doesn't always turn out the way you thought it would. Meka, an entrepreneur shares her experience of how a great decision turned out to be a big mistake.

WCIB - 14th Dec 2015

Sodexo's Jane Bristow talks to WCIB about flexible working and why it's an important issue for young people and employers.

WCIB - 9th Dec 2015

Graham shares his biggest career mistake and what he learned about himself on the journey to finding his place in the world.