Ideas are built from sharing and discussing information.

Our blogs aim to help parents and carers explore the world of work beyond their own career experiences. Getting up-to-date information enables us all to better support and guide young people on their training and career opportunities. 


WCIB - 21st Apr 2015

The whole notion of career is changing and career education needs to keep pace. Helping young people find the best way to begin their journey from school to work is the responsibility of parents, teachers and employers.

WCIB - 21st Apr 2015

Society is right on our doorstep and it is important to look around our own neighbourhoods for career ideas. From the police to landscapers, scientists to plumbers the ideas are everywhere.

WCIB - 21st Apr 2015

National Careers Week held in March highlights the need for better and more accessible information to children and parents.

Caroline Pickard - 21st Apr 2015

Remembering how overwhelming it can be to make decisions when you are young can be a great help for parents as they talk to their children about ideas and opportunities.