First Job, First Mistake
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3rd Dec 2015

I have plenty of examples of mistakes, but I'll pick my first recruitment job...


Having received a job offer, the lure of flexible hours, plenty of pub visits and a sexy commission structure it was too much for me to resist. So I ignored my instincts on the security and validity of the company I was joining.


The pay-off for all the flexible hours and pub visits was an expectation I'd hit targets straight away, and magically be a profitable employee.


But until that point I had recruited nothing more than my brother to make me the occasional strawberry milkshake...


Yes I failed miserably and was quickly shown the door.

So one haircut, new suit and a few interviews later, I received a REAL job offer. This time the job was with a company who showed me the ropes, supported and guided me to become their trophy winning top biller within my first 3 months. My career was kick started and while I made lots of other mistakes along the way, I did learn this…

Trust your instincts.

Research your employer.

And don't be afraid to ask for help.

You have to find and acquire knowledge and experience; it doesn't appear with the job title! 


Supplied by Lydia, Recruitment Consultant