We ALL Make Mistakes
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3rd Dec 2015

For me the thing about London is the energy. I spent 15 years in the city, building my career and while it was hard work, it was also lots of fun.


I don’t live there now but go for work. The bonus now is getting to meet up my mates children who are starting out their careers. The conversations are usually a mixed bag of good and bad.  And I am constantly reminded of how much I learned from making mistakes.


When I recently spoke to Girls Talk London we discussed our joint commitment to supporting good career advice.


What Could I Be? publish products for 12-15 year olds and Girls Talk London provides events and info for young women 15-25.


Working together over the next month or so we want to bring our readers some short, snappy career mistake blogs. They are written by our supporters and experts and remind us all how mistakes are simply opportunities to learn.


We hope might share your stories too.