We The Parents
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3rd May 2016

Parents are on strike today, the 3rd of May 2016, to send a message to governement that children have a right to be children.

At six I remember school was a mystery tour of fun and activity mixed with the odd dose of boredom. We didn't really care about much, what was in our lunchbox and whether it was sunny enough to play outside. Life was simple.

As parents we know this wonderful state of innocence is short lived and as such we have a duty to protect it for as long as we can. So why do six year olds need tests and who is being really measured, teachers, schools, children or all three? I do not have a six year old, mine have been there and done that but they would certainly have been home today if they were.

We the parents are the bedrock of society. We the parents have an immense duty to raise the next generation. We the parents are often invisible or just too busy to take action.

Today I comment the parents who have taken action, stood up and been visible and made us all realise how we need to engage more in the issues which directly impact our children and young people.

There is a lot of work to be done.