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It takes vision and collaboration to educate future workers.


The current provision of online career information has been described as 'trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose'. 


For many young people the barrier to career opportunities is finding ideas which feel achievable and available locally or regionally.


For many parents and carers the barriers to supporting their children in the quest to finding the right path are sources of knowledge which are credible, accessible and easy to understand.


WCiB was established to deliver products which address the needs of young people as they start high school. We collaborate with local and regional government, employers, educators and parents to publish primarily printed materials so ideas can be found, questions can be asked and decisions can be informed year on year.  


WCiB deliver our sponsored i-Zines using city and regional content and distribution modesl to support sustainable collaboration between sponsors and stakeholders.


Sponsorship is the most effective way to bring the WCiB materials to young people and parents. We offer sponsors a unique way to add value to their business and marketing strategies and provide access to youth audiences.


If your business or organisation would liike to get involved please contact us